Helping you build your community

As a business owner, coach, author, or speaker, you know all about building a community and why it matters.

But how you go about it can have a big impact on how successful you are.

Doing it all on your own may seem like a great idea, but ask yourself —


Do I *really* have the time to provide that consistent, high-quality experience my community deserves?


Do I have time to recruit, train and manage more people?


Do I have the time to make sure every little piece of the puzzle is accounted for every single time?

Most of all, do I even WANT to handle all that on my own?

If the answer is no, then Simplify Works is here to get it done for you.

Our team is your team

While outsourcing may be new to you, it certainly isn’t for us!

For the past 10 years, our team has worked with countless clients to deliver strategic, high-quality consistent support for everything from podcasting and memberships to product launches and in-person events.

Our team is experienced and detail-oriented and knows what questions to ask — even if you don’t. We provide you with a one-stop to get all the resources you need to build your community so you can focus on your message and consistency.


Hey, I’m Tressa!

I’m a project manager, back-office coordinator, and a people wrangler who knows product development and online marketing. I go beyond the typical Online Business Manager with a decade of experience and knowledge plus the ability to help you execute your big (and small!) visions in the real world.

I’m one of those extremely organized, type-A people and it aligns perfectly with my role as a strategic partner. I get to utilize everything in my toolbox, knowledge and business acumen attained through my MBA, skills mastered through years in a corporate position, and managing businesses since 2009.

The Evolution of Simplify Works

After years of working with clients and peers, a common theme that’s come up over and over is community building — specifically, how much WORK goes into it.

Community building is an ongoing effort, and it’s about so much more than just recording a podcast or creating a membership site.

While everyone starts with great intentions, once you’re in the thick of it — trying to manage 37 different tasks — creating a high-quality, consistent experience can be much more challenging than anticipated.

Having helped countless clients with this exact hurdle, we know what needs to happen month in, month out, to be successful with community building.

Let us take the work off your plate so you can get back to the things you do best. 

Ready to Simplify?