Power Consulting Session

Strategic and tactical planning for the future of your business

Have a specific business issue that you’re stuck on?

Power Consulting Sessions are designed to help you create a plan for various business areas and give you actionable steps to help you meet your goals.

Power Consulting Sessions are ideal for people who:

Feel like they’re stuck in their business and can’t see the path forward.

Are looking for ways to strategically increase their revenue.

Spend all their time working IN the business and need to spend some time working ON the business.

Want to launch a product or service but aren’t clear on the right plan to do it.

Need to grow their team but are unsure what role to hire for.

Can’t figure out where all the hours in the day are going and feel like they’re spinning their wheels.

Want help getting clear on their business goals — both for now and the future.

The Kind of Support You Need, When You Need It

The type of support you can receive during your power consulting can be related to:

Planning a launch

Team skills assessment

Strategic planning by year

Capacity assessment

Systems help Future planning (am I ready for a course, mastermind, or evergreen set up etc.?)

Tactical CEO planning (how you spend your time)

“The truth is I really don’t like launching, and I hate a lot of the common launch tactics. They’re manipulative and not aligned with my values. I booked a consulting session with Tressa to help plan a new program as I wanted to nail down a path forward for our launch that was the right fit for us but ensured we also were doing everything we could to meet our goals.Tressa quickly identified where our best opportunities were and how to launch in a way that would work for us. After the session, I had a clear plan for what we needed to do and our team was able to seamlessly execute on all of it.”

Maggie Patterson

Small Business Boss

Meet Tressa

For the past decade I’ve worked as Online Business Manager — acting as a project manager, back-office coordinator, and a people wrangler who knows product development and online marketing. I go beyond the typical Online Business Manager scope to help you execute your big (and small!) visions in the real world. Power Consulting Sessions give you the opportunity to borrow my strategic brain for your business and I’ll help you get clear on your path forward.

60 Minute Session – $500

60-minute session with Tressa

7 day follow up after the session

Wondering if a power session is what you need?  You can Voxer me at @tressabeheim or DM me on IG @simplifymybiz!

Let’s do this!

Ready to get started with a Power Consulting Session?

Once you book your session, watch for an email with a link to schedule your call and to get started with your pre-work.

Sessions are usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks of booking.

Prefer to chat asynchonously? You can Voxer me at @tressabeheim or DM me on IG @simplifymybiz!